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We have been working for more than 4 years on a permanent basis. They help and offer ideas, options, options, texts and other things that simplify the life and work of an entrepreneur.Any problems are always promptly resolved, there is a special project manager who communicates and is responsible for the result of cooperation.I recommend the company as a reliable partner in digital-marketing.

noliktava 1 logo
Nikita Korovin
Founder of Noliktava 1

We would like to express our gratitude for cooperation in the field of marketing. We are promoting our products in close cooperation and plan to only increase our work in other projects. Thank you!

brigada logo
Abror Rakhmatulaev
Project-manager in Brigada

Nice guys. They do everything quickly and according to the agreement. Offer good ideas and provide full reporting. I recommend!

topsale logo
Slava Plachtinskij
Managing director in TOPSALE.LV

We turned to Penguin, because they have been developing our other project for more than 4 years.In the business club, in the first two months of advertising, we received more than 50 applications and 5 new members.We are working on the project further.

selfmade logo
Amina Mushtakova
Creative director Selfmade Riga

We are happy to work with Penguin to develop an online store in Latvia

grillman logo
Alex Larkins
Creative director Grillman

Over 6 years of work, we have developed the MIMIKID brand in Riga, built a customer acquisition system, and developed social networks based on clear and transparent indicators. They helped a lot in the development of our store, attracted both private clients and B2B direction. We started brand development in Lithuania and Estonia.All information is presented in a simple and understandable language. I recommend and will continue to cooperate.

mimikid logo
Svetlana Timchenko
Director of development MIMIKID

I have been looking for a team for a long time that can take your idea and implement it in the best way, with high quality and in the shortest possible time.Thanks guys for your work!

next logo
Igor Voitenko
Blogger, founder NEXT

We developed a new online store just in time and helped with the promotion of a new retail point of our store. Thanks

florex logo
Founder of Florex

Before meeting with Penguin, there were unsuccessful experiences with Internet marketers. The guys approached the matter responsibly and conscientiously, at the stages of work they provided full reporting.We have improved our indicators: site conversion, lead cost, reduced customer acquisition costs.I recommend as a reliable partner.

a cleaning logo
Romans Lebedevs
Founder of A-cleaning

We met the guys when our advertising hit a dead end.I came across an advertisement, applied, and to my surprise, I received a detailed answer to my application with specific recommendations on the site and further promotion. It was what was needed. We started and continue to this day.Despite the fact that it takes an additional budget, we are growing in both the number of customers and in profits, and we still manage to reduce the advertising budget. Finally, there is time to improve the quality of the product, plans and conquer new horizons.We really appreciate the guys for their responsibility, warm attitude and excellent client service.Let's enjoy the results together!

movie studija logo
Ekaterina Lavrentieva
CEO and FOUNDER Moviestudija

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