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Drive up to 300 new leads per month with Google Ads

What is Google Ads and how to work with it?

Google Ads is a contextual advertising service from Google that provides a user-friendly interface and many tools for creating effective advertising messages.
Ads is Google's flagship advertising project and the company's main source of revenue.

94% percent of customers write a request on the Internet before making a purchase and 97% in Latvia use Google

How many clients do you give away to competitors each month?

Facebook now has about 1.4 billion active users and about 140 million businesses use Facebook apps and services every month.

Currently, 1 million active Facebook users in Latvia and 525,000 Latvians visit Instagram daily

Companies helped
Revenue generated

We solve business problems

Attracted new clients
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Invested in marketing with our clients
Share of regular customers
22 mth.
Average time of cooperation with a client

We create a Google Ads company
for our clients in several stages:

1. Determine the purpose of the campaign

In Google Ads, you can create campaigns and ads for different purposes.

2. Decide where you want to show ads

Go international or work local: you decide where your ads appear, and we'll make sure that interested users see them.

3. We select keywords and create advertisements

Today, any business needs to stand out from hundreds of its kind, and the right packaging will help with this.

4. Setting a budget limit

Your spending will never exceed your monthly limit. We can change it or stop showing ads at any time. In addition, we show what results to expect with a given budget.

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What is included in setting up Google Ads?

Creation of a semantic core

In Google Ads, you can create campaigns and ads for different purposes.

Site audit and forecast for future advertising results

According to the Google database, we put a forecast on the results of future advertising based on user demand for a given product or service.

Creating your advertising account in Google Ads

We create and configure an advertising account in Google Ads from scratch. If you have already created an advertising account, we check the correctness of its work and correct possible errors

Preparing advertisements

We create more than 10 different ads to increase the effectiveness of advertising

Launching and maintaining advertising

We analyze and improve advertising performance throughout the entire period of cooperation

Report and recommendations for promotion on the Internet

At the end of the advertisement, you receive a report on the results and a plan for promoting your company in the future.

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